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Machine Listing - Particle Counters

IEN 117773
Quantity One (1)
Manufacturer Tencor
Type Particle Counters
Model Surfscan 7700
Wafer Size 4 - 8 inch
Equipment Class Wafer Metrology

  Tencor 7700 Patterned Wafer Inspection System. Can detect defects as small as 0.15 µm, while defects below 0.2 µm can be detected on many process levels, including nitride, oxide, polysilicon and TEOS films. Capable of measuring defects on unpatterned wafers and measuring wafers from 4” to 8.” High sensitivity on after-etch and high topography applications. Circular input polarization enhances sensitivity and defect capture on post-CMP and other post-deposited layers.