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Machine Listing - Particle Counters

IEN 117776
Manufacturer Estek
Wafer Size 2 - 8 inch
Equipment Class Wafer Metrology
Model WIS 800
Quantity One (1)
Type Particle Counters

  Estek WIS 800 (WIS 800) - Detection 0.22 um on Silicon at 95% capture rate. Verified by NIST Standards. 2 to 8 inch capable with proper setup. Dark and light channel system. Dark channel is used for detecting particles and any light scattering defects. Light channel is useful for detecting non-light scattering defects such as mounds, dimples and non uniformity. Detects specular flaws, including large particles, mounds, dimples, saw marks, grooves, fractures, slip, epi-spikes, small particles on large grained surfaces, particles buried in/under a film.