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Semiconductor Raw Material and Feedstock Companies - The global Akzo Nobel High Purity Metalorganics Technical Marketing and Sales team is comprised of mainly scientists with experience in both the chemical and semiconductor industry - For over forty years, POCO has been recognized for producing the world's best graphites. Our primary product is fine grained, high strength, isotropic graphite that is used in many diverse applications - With more than 17 years experience in wafer outsourcing, IQE can help you deliver cost effective, world-class products. For all your semiconductor materials needs from III-V substrates to III-V and Si based epiwafers, make IQE your partner to take you into the future - Umicore is a specialty materials group. Its activities are centered on four business areas: Advanced Materials, Precious Metals Products and Catalysts, Precious Metals Services and Zinc Specialties. Each business area is divided into market-focused business units - Epichem Group’s facilities yield volatile compounds of Al , Ga , In, As, P, Zn, Fe, Mg, Sb, N, Te and Cd with purities unmatched in the industry. The metalorganics are used in the growth of thin films of compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide and indium phosphide - Gerstel is manufacturing and commercializing a high-quality IBM license photoepoxies with specific properties (low stress, electrical conductivity) for micro-fabrication and microelectronic worlds