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Semiconductor Service and Packaging Companies - Amkor has the expertise and experience to provide probe or test solutions for the entire spectrum of integrated circuits through our many Test Services facilities located worldwide. Test Services for any device, from simple digital logic, complex ASIC, high speed digital, memory, mixed signal and RF/Wireless devices - ePAK never forgets that the most valuable product in the semiconductor and electronics industry is also the most fragile and susceptible to mishandling and contamination - Since its inception, Pac Tech has received 20 patents for products developed in areas relating to wafer bumping, flip-chip, chip-scale packaging and laser bonding technologies. Pac Tech has formed alliances with companies in the U.S. , Europe and Asia for licensing, equipment sales, and contract wafer-bumping services - Entegris is the world’s leading materials integrity management company. Our products, services and technologies protect and transport the critical materials that are used to manufacture today’s advanced technological products