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Semiconductor Design and Technical Consultant - - Dan C. Milholland is nationally recognized for his expertise in HEPA / ULPA filter testing and cleanroom contamination control in the semiconductor, aerospace, and pharmaceutical industries - Established in 1980, JMI Software Consultants, Inc. (JMI) provides contract software development services to a variety of businesses and industries - Kember Associates is a high technology service organisation proficient in a range of tasks of concern to the semiconductor, data storage and related industries - IC Microanalysis provides experienced, and customer responsive, semiconductor patent and technical analysis consulting services to corporate counsel and law firm intellectual property (IP) professionals around the world - IN2FAB Technology is a privately held UK based company specializing in advanced integrated circuit design techniques and design automation technology - Clarycon provides technical information via workshops and training classes as well as consulting services to process and integration engineers - Optomag provides technical consulting services and engineering solutions for your thin-film and semiconductor packaging polymer processes